IHLI – Indigenous Health Leadership Institute


2017 IHLI Indigenous Health Leadership Institute

March 31 – April 2, 2017 (Friday- Sunday)

Join us for an exciting 3 days in sunny New Mexico where you will

  • learn about American Indian and Indigenous perspectives on health from community leaders, traditional healers, political activists, and health professionals
  • visit two local American Indian Tribes and talk with their elders, youth, and community leaders
  • participate in a community asset mapping exercise alongside community leaders as a unique form of community service
  • have time to focus on developing/improving a project that addresses injustices in health in your home communities
  • enjoy yourself, laugh lots, and learn some Navajo language!
  • join health professions students from diverse disciplines from across the country
  • be a part of the first-ever Indigenous health institute for health professions students in the United States!

Background to IHLI

Indigenous populations in the United States, ranging from the 800+ American Indian Tribes to less defined indigenous populations from Mexico, Latin America, South America and across the world, have unique cultures, perspectives on health, and health needs. This population lives sicker and dies younger than the general U.S. population, a trend seen worldwide with indigenous populations. Two core questions arise from this, which will serve as the foundation for IHLI:

  • Why is this?
  • What can we do about and not only change this situation, but to eliminate inequities in health among Indigenous and other marginalized populations

2017 IHLI Application – DUE February 5th, 2017

What Attendees can expect:

– Once accepted, attendees will receive a 4-week primer on Indigenous culture and health to help them prepare for IHLI.

– We will also work with attendees to develop ideas for potential projects that address injustices in health in the weeks prior to IHLI.

– Once here in New Mexico (aka Land of Enchantment), you will be treated with “loving service” – home-cooked meals, host families/students, and community and student volunteers dedicated to making this a great weekend for you!

– The entirety of IHLI will take place in community sites, including American Indian reservations, giving attendees a unique perspective from which to learn about Indigenous health.