Hip Hop and Health


Hip Hop, Indigenous Culture and Health

How do they relate to each other? How can they be used to support each other?

These are the questions that hip hop artists, community leaders, youth and elders, and health professionals with NHI have been working to answer in the last 6 years…the work has been fulfilling, creative, and has worked to develop a consciousness in both health and hip hop communities about the potential for healing in this realm!


Highlights of NHI’s work in this realm

* Creation of Positively Hip Hop grants, inviting hip hop artists to apply for funds to support their work to improve the health of their community through hip hop (click here for application)

* Thinking Beyond the Boom Box: Hip Hop, Indigenous Culture, and Health has been presented at the New Mexico Public Health Association Conference (2014), and at the Words Beats and Life forum “Remixing the Art of Social Change” (2012)

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