April 10, 2016

Native Health Initiative Circle of Healing


NHI was created in 2004, where several respected Tribal health leaders, health lay workers, faith-based leaders and health profession students sat down to discuss how to build community partnership. In 2005, NHI began work as a student organization.

Now in its 11th year, NHI is a non-profit partnership that addresses health inquities through Loving Service (a human-to-human element of wanting to serve others, volunteerism).

NHI is unique because…

  • We work with the rural and urban American Indian community members, organizations, programs in the U.S. that is run by the Tribes working with health professions students.


  • Health projects are created by and run by Tribal communities and their leaders


  • 95% funded by loving service, and only 5% by monetary donations


  • Community (Tribal) members and volunteers share of their cultures, and NHI supports the reclamation of Indigenous cultures, languages, and lands
  • Our partnership has no room for negativity, but we always recognize that there is room for improvement
  • Communities (Tribes) encourage their emerging youth leaders to realize their heritage/traditions, their potential, and their power to become leaders